Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Runner-up stupid award goes to ...

The idjit head readers who didn't grasp that the July 21 New Yorker cover was satire. Various clowns have said: Oh my God, they put him in a turban, he's burning the American flag, his wife is an urban guerilla, oh how awful. Or words to that effect.

Listen up, clowns. Put down the pie, step away from the seltzer, get out of the clown car and listen:

It's satire.

The cartoonist swept all the right wing slurs about Obama into one image to show how ridiculous they are. The equivalent cartoon bashing far left assumptions would show Bush, Cheney and friends sitting around a table while Osama bin Laden flew a tiny model plane at a tiny model of the World Trade Center to work out the details of the evil conspiracy. Get it?

Humor lives on the edge. Every cartoonist who pitches an edgy idea has to deal with some editor saying "People are stupid, they won't get it."

The fact that so many people don't get it makes me want to find the nearest edge and leap off.

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