Thursday, December 29, 2005

Go west. Go 7 light years west.

Now, how the hell did he do it?

Let's assume humanity manages to turn the earth into a dead fish tank. We have the tech to go to a nearby star system with shitloads of planets and moons, terraform those babies, and resettle there.

It's your pioneer situation. I.e.: it ain't fun.

Chances are, the pioneers would speak some garbled, rough-and-ready lingo.

M'luv, obaachan wen bungie jump dis ohio. Wat!?! Azfoo!

A mash-up of tongues a la Gaff's "Cityspeak" in Blade Runner.

Of course, nobody in the 21st century would understand a solitary slovo.

So, letting some screenwriterish approximation of oldwesternese and Chinese stand for the future slang is the next best thing.

OK, Joss.

I'll buy it.

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